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Learn Portuguese, it’s the future

Fact: Speaking Portuguese is a relevant skill in today’s world of business and culture.

Despite being overshadowed by the economic rise of China and India, Brazilian exports, proliferating manufactured goods, and oil discoveries have powered Brazil’s economy and placed it as the economic powerhouse in South America and in the world.


Portuguese is also the co-official language of many International Organizations such as the African Union, the American States Organization, and the European Union.  It is considered one of the great languages of the world like English, Spanish or Chinese.

Knowledge of this expanding language can multiply your opportunities of finding a job in several fields such as tourism, agriculture, and business development, which have been in great demand during recent years; particularly in Brazil.  This skill can also improve your chances of success in markets pertaining to Portugal, as well as in several other countries in Africa. Learning Portuguese can be a fun task that can develop into an applicable ability.

It is important to highlight this language’s cultural value in major upcoming  events taking place in Brazil, such as the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic games. Two events that can significantly increase tourism and international visibility for the hosting country to capitalize on; a great opportunity for Brazil to show the world it’s potential.


The impact that these events will have on Brazil’s economy might not be perceptible or measurable in the short term. However, the investments made on the infrastructure to accommodate events of such magnitude, will certainly be a determining factor in Brazil’s economic growth in the years to follow.

Brazil must take the proper steps towards modernization in order to increase it’s efficiency and attract international investment. With the improvement of roads and highways, public transportation and ports, Brazil is becoming a very interesting target for international business.

Without a doubt, impeccable coordination of the World Cup and the Olympic games will be the opportunity that Brazil needs to present itself in a positive light

not only to its residents but also to the rest of the world. Ultimately, Brazil’s increasingly anticipated success in preparing for these two events will be more influential to it’s future than the economic benefit from them.


1. A great market to explore and enter: Brazil is the strongest economy in South America and its large population make it a great market for commercial expansion, when looking for professional opportunities.

2. A language of many cultures: Portuguese is spoken in different parts of Europe, Africa Imageand South America. Each demographic area possesses its own history and customs. Understanding of such diverse cultural aspects linked by one language can greatly contribute to one’s personal growth.

3. Access to a well of information: Brazil generates a huge amount of scientific, artistic, and economic data, which often times is only available in Portuguese.

4. A major academic language: Portugal and Brazil have numerous well-recognized universities for various disciplines, and studying in one of these institutions will give you a wider perspective and competitive edge in your field.

5. Expanding your network:  Becoming acquainted and collaborating with people of different cultures and professional backgrounds.

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