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Spanish Tennis at IDESLI


la foto (2) As some of you might already know, IDESLI is much more than just a language school;  it´s a community of students, teachers and friends exploring languages and their  cultures through language classes and many other experiential language  learning activities.

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One of these fun activities, it´s our brand new Spanish Tennis classes! The idea came out when Behnam, one of our students and a tennis learner, found out that his teacher Alex was also a tennis instructor in Spain. Having Spanish-Tennis classes sounded like so much fun so IDESLI started to offer this combo class! J While having weekly classes at our office, some of our students enjoy practicing Spanish and learning new vocabulary with Alex in the tennis court every other week. This becomes a great way to continue learning Spanish and putting into practice everything the students study in the classroom.

A Challenge? If any of the Spanish tennis students is able to defeat Alex in one of the classes, the student will receive a bottle of wine and an extra Spanish class with IDESLI as an award.

Enroll now and start enjoying this new language learning experience!


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