Intercultural Business Training

Intercultural workshops, consulting and coaching for managers and employees working across borders.

All programs are customized according to the needs of the individual or the group. Programs can be combined with language courses, translation and interpreting services. Please contact us for customized training programs specific to your need at

  • Understanding of culture’s impact on business communication, leadership, teamwork and project management
  • Tactics for cross-cultural communication and style switching (including email etiquette and non-verbal communication)
  • Processes to insure successful virtual collaboration across the globe
  • Culture specific insights and strategies to help you adapt behavior and business strategies
  • Ability to forge strong and profitable business relationships with international clients and co-workers
  • Differences between U.S. and other business cultures

  • Adapt business development, client service, and product innovation

  • Communicate effectively with an US audience

  • Simplify the message and inspire action
  • Get insights on what motivates employees and team members

  • Learn how Silicon Valley companies motivate their employees to be innovative

  • Develop a practical action plan to come up with a customer centric innovation approach

  • Practice the business innovation process developed by America’s leading design firms 
  • Meet the right people to advance your business

  • Entrepreneurial approach to networking
  • How to add value if you have nothing to offer
  • Explore your passion and find your focus
  • Build communication skills, a network, and confidence to ‘market’ yourself
  • Learn from other expat spouses and mentors, who successfully reinvented their career in the US
  • Be part of a community and benefit from support and accountability
  • Advance sustainability and stakeholder engagement internationally
  • Understand what motivates people in different countries to grow impact
  • Learn how to adapt solutions and messaging with human centered design
  • Create shared value strategies and social innovation projects which work everywhere

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Annika Hoeltje, Director of Global Business & Communication

Annika leads IDESLI’s Cross-cultural Business Consulting Practice. She specializes in creating cross-border business connections. Annika has international work and consulting experience in North and Central America, Europe, and Asia. She has been working with large companies, accelerators, startups, and non-profits to help improve and expand their global operations. Clients include SAP, Cisco, Mercedes-Benz U.S., Draper University, United World College, Mind the Bridge, Deutsche Telecom, Imagine Creativity Center, T-Jump Turkey, and YUZZ Spain.

Annika holds a B.A. in Psychology, an M.A. in American Studies, and an MBA in Sustainable Management.  She is a fellow at the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication.


More tailored packages available to suit your exact needs

What our clients say…

Our startup founders greatly benefited from this boutique program, because it’s specifically customized to the needs of international entrepreneurs coming to the US. Our entrepreneurs improved their investor pitches dramatically. They also learned how the Silicon Valley ecosystem works and how to network with potential business partners.

Barkan Uluisik

Manager at T-Jump

Thanks for your great presentation and kind assistance on culture differences between Japan, China and USA. It’s really helpful to understand people’s thoughts in order to get along with each other. I wanted to know this information before I worked with people from different cultures. We had some miscommunication before.

Masahiro Sugimoto

Executive and participant in the workshop on US business culture, communication, and networking at Draper University

I have been working with Annika for nearly a year as the director of Mind the Bridge’s Startup School and Executive Intrapreneurship Program, a Silicon Valley educational foundation for entrepreneurship. During this time she has done an outstanding job as a mentor and workshop instructor to help participants become innovation team-leaders across different cultures. She has become an invaluable member of our faculty.

Charles Versaggi

Director Mind the Bridge Startup School and Executive Program

IDESLI was much more than we expected. We had a brilliant 2 weeks long program and could adjust it as we proceeded according to our startups’ needs. In the end, all the participants learned a lot, shaped their approach for a new market and some moved their business to the US after this comprehensive program. Having Annika as our program coordinator was just great. She was understanding, friendly, adaptable and professional with the startups in our program. We hope to work with her again.


TEKNOJUMP Program Manager, Directorate of Entrepreneurship