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Learning a second, third or forth language

Learning another language has many benefits, most of which are usually associated with its usefulness as a professional skill, such as finding a better job, earning more money, and ultimately a more successful future.  It is no wonder that nowadays speaking more than one language is a filter used by employers during the hiring process, therefore, the more languages you know, the more marketable you become.  Bilingual individuals are often…

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The importance of culture in international business

The influence of the different cultures in the global business world is essential for building successful International Relations. This issue is based on the new global business perspectives and what is important to consider in developing an International Business plan. Companies have the challenge of presenting and expanding into new horizons, and it is really important to fully understand those new markets that the company is planning to expand in.…

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The cost of a bad translation

Quality is not expensive, at least not as much as the lack there of. The value of a professional translation is essential for any company; even the smallest mistake, when translating important business documents, can carry with it disastrous financial as well as legal consequences. No company, regardless of size, can afford to take such risks, which is why choosing a trustworthy and professional translation and localization provider becomes undoubtedly…

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