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Spanish Movie Night is probably one of our favorite IDESLI community events! Every first Thursday of the month, IDESLI, in collaboration with some of our students, organizes a Movie Night in our office at 560 Mission St. This event is a really fun way for all the Spanish language lovers based in the San Francisco Bay Area to get together and enjoy some yummy Spanish food and drinks while practicing Spanish -Don’t miss Alex’s famous tortilla española and…

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aprende portugues

Learn Portuguese, it’s the future

Fact: Speaking Portuguese is a relevant skill in today’s world of business and culture. Despite being overshadowed by the economic rise of China and India, Brazilian exports, proliferating manufactured goods, and oil discoveries have powered Brazil’s economy and placed it as the economic powerhouse in South America and in the world. Portuguese is also the co-official language of many International Organizations such as the African Union, the American States Organization,…

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